We offer a wide range of skylight options for residential homes. People are choosing to transform their living spaces. They know the benefits of natural light and fresh air and are turning to skylight technology to create healthier homes that are as stunning as they are environmentally conscientious. Skylights can make a world of difference. There are more options now than ever before and we offer the very best in new installations and upgrades. The options below can be deck or curb (think regular garden vs. raised garden bed). Many have different glass options, that provide high efficiency and hail warranties that make them withstand our often-feisty Alberta weather.

  • Solar Powered Venting Skylights
    Venting skylight that has an efficient solar-charged battery that can operate the control system, with a built-in rain sensor to close on unexpected weather.
  • Electric Venting Skylights
    Venting skylight that is hard-wired includes a touchscreen control system remote and rain sensor, with optional back-up battery for power outages.
  • Manual Venting Skylights
    Venting skylight that uses a manual, smooth-turning handle or uses a telescopic rod for out of reach applications.
  • Fixed Skylights
    Lets the natural light in and keeps the elements out with a wide variety of energy-efficient glass. Available in standard and custom sizes to suit your vision.

Roof Windows

Like a regular window, roof windows open wide, letting fresh air and natural light pour in. They are opened manually by a central pivot point or top hinge. We also have roof access windows that swing open like a door and balcony roof windows that create a balcony with the opening of a hinge. Let us help you install the best roof window for your building type and with the functionality you need and want. Roof windows are made for attic loft conversions or other windows where the window is within reach.


  • Center Pivot Roof Window
    The window swivels 180 degrees in its frame. Easy and safe cleaning.
  • Top Hinged Roof Window
    Opens to a 45-degree angle. It can satisfy egress requirements for emergency escape.
  • Roof Access Window
    Easy roof access for roof repairs, maintenance, emergency, and egress. It can be installed with a left or right hinge.
  • Cabrio Balcony Roof Window
    Dual-sash operation where the top opens for ventilation and bottom opens outward to create a balcony.